Filipino Bibingka and Chicken Empanada in West Covina (LA)

Vermont Plaza, a typical LA strip mall in Koreatown.

Tostada de camaron entero at Tacos Baja Ensenada in East LA.

Tejuino, a sweet fermented corn masa drink at Tejuino Rivera in East LA.

Noodles with black bean sauce, jjajangmyeon (짜장면) in Koreatown, LA

Santa Barbara spot prawn at Go’s Mart sushi in Canoga Park, LA

Elite (עלית) ice cream bars from Israel at Beni Kosher Market in Woodland Hills, LA

Cheeseburger at Pie ‘n Burger in Pasadena

Cemita de milanesa at Cemitas La China Poblana in Boyle Heights, LA.

Taro stems for sale in Westminster (Little Saigon) in Orange County

Assorted Korean-style sashimi at Pacific Fish Center on Redondo Beach Pier, LA

Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup (Phở Gà) in Chinatown, LA

Tsukemen (Dipping Ramen) at Tsujita in Sawtelle District, Little Osaka, LA

Musubi (Rice Balls) at Mama Musubi in Los Angeles

The Guerrilla Tacos truck in LA

Sweet Potato Taco at Guerrilla Tacos in LA

Shrimp paste on sugar cane in Westminster (Little Saigon), Orange County

Boiled Fresh Fish with Green Pepper Sauce at Chengdu Taste in Alhambra (LA)

Rotisserie Chicken with House Garlic Sauce at Zankou Chicken in Little Armenia, LA

Ribs at Bludso’s BBQ on South Long Beach Blvd in Compton, Southern Los Angeles County

Filipino-Chinese Siopao Steam Buns at Goldilocks in Eagle Rock, LA

Thai Sausage at The Original Hoy-ka on Sunset Blvd in Los Angeles

Fresh baked Armenian Lahmajune at Sasoun Bakery in Little Armenia, LA

Ricky's Fish Tacos truck in Los Angeles

Pastrami Sandwich at Langer’s Deli in LA

Nabeyaki Udon in an Iron Pot at Mitsuru Cafe in Little Tokyo, LA

Radishes at the South Central Farmers Cooperative in Los Angeles

Michoacan-style Carnitas Taco at Villa Moreliana in the Grand Central Market, LA

Mexican Fruit Salad with Chile, Lime & Salt at the Frutas Benji Cart on Western Avenue, LA

Lao Pork Sausage at AJ Asian Kitchen in El Monte, LA County

Kotteri (thick-style) Chicken Broth Ramen at Tentenyu on Sawtelle Blvd in LA

Salmon kasuzuke bento box at Atch-Kotch in Hollywood, LA

Korean Pork & Shrimp Dumplings at MD Kyoja in Koreatown, LA

A vIew of the Smorgasburg food market in Downtown Los Angeles

Filipino Sisilog Breakfast at LA Rose Cafe on Fountain in Los Angeles

Sheng Jian Bao at Kang Kang Food Court in the San Gabriel Valley

Huy Fong Foods sriracha sauce factory in Rosemead (LA)

Jade Noodles with BBQ Pork, Duck & Crab at Sapp Coffee Shop in Thai Town, LA

Korean Short Rib Tacos + Sriracha at the Kogi BBQ Taco Truck in Los Angeles

Corned beef on rye at Canter's Deli in Los Angeles

The sign above King Taco on E 3rd St in East LA

Pancit at Lasa in the Far East Plaza in Chinatown Los Angeles

Pozole at Caló Provisions in Smorgasburg, Downtown Los Angeles

Cold Ramen at Ducks Restaurant in San Gabriel (LA)

Fresh Fruit Pastry at Paris Baguette in Koreatown, LA

The Huarache Azteca Truck in East Hollywood, LA

Hong Kong Egg Waffle at a Hong Kong-style Cafe in the San Gabriel Valley, LA

A view of La Adelita bakery and restaurant in Hollywood, LA

Uyghur Hand Pulled Noodles (Laghman) at Omar’s Xinjiang Halal in San Gabriel, LA

Spanish Ham Croquetas Ibéricas at the Tumaca Truck in Los Angeles

The mural at Guelaguetza Oaxacan restaurant in Los Angeles

Merkato Ethiopian Restaurant in Little Ethiopia, Los Angeles

Cold Udon at Otomisan Restaurant in Boyle Heights (LA)

Guatemalan Pepian de Pollo at Guatemalteca Bakery in LA

Cured Meats at Schreiner’s Fine Sausages in Glendale, LA County

Chicken Tinga Taco on a Fresh Handmade Tortilla at Guisados in Echo Park, LA

Korean black sesame gel at Califorina Market in Koreatown, LA

Brazilian Coxinhas (Chicken Croquettes) at Squarefritz on Olympic in Pico-Union, LA

French Dip Sandwich at Philippe's in Chinatown, LA

Korean pound cake at Manna Bakery in Koreatown, LA

Blood Clam Ceviche at La Cevicheria in LA

Mariscos Cuyutlan Colima truck in Boyle Heights, East Los Angeles

Romanian stuffed cabbage rolls (sarmale) in Los Angeles

Green chlorella King Mandu (dumplings) in Koreatown, LA

“The Sandwich” at Roma Market in Pasadena, with Rosario’s choice of Italian cold cuts

Guatemalan-style chow mein tostada in Los Angeles

Karahi pots at a Bangladeshi grocery store in Little Bangladesh, LA

Cheeseburger on a Parker House Bun at Cassell’s Hamburgers in Koreatown, LA

Vietnamese bún vermicelli noodle bowl in Little Saigon, Westminster CA

Takoyaki at Mitsuru Cafe in Little Tokyo, LA

Tkemali (Georgian plum sauce) marked in Russian in Los Angeles

The Taco Zone truck in Echo Park, Los Angeles

Khanom Buang, a Thai dessert at Bhan Kanom Thai in Los Angeles

Samgyetang, Korean ginseng chicken soup in Koreatown, Los Angeles

Fresh Blue Corn Tortillas at BS Taqueria in Downtown, Los Angeles

Salvadoran tamal in banana leaf and pupusa in Los Angeles

Nem Nuong Khanh Hoa Vietnamese restaurant in Alhambra (LA)

Peruvian Soy Sauce (siyau or sillao) in Los Angeles

Peruvian rotisserie chicken at Pollo A La Brasa restaurant in Los Angeles

Vietnamese grilled seafood in Little Saigon, Westminster CA

Pandan leaf essence at Bangluck Market in Thai Town, LA

Nicaraguan Nacatamal & Pan Blanco in Los Angeles

Taiwanese Bento Box (bian dang) at Lee's Garden in Alhambra (LA)

Oaxacan tlayuda topped with chorizo and cecina in Los Angeles

Korean bossam plate in Koreatown, Los Angeles

Hannam Chain Korean Supermarket in Koreatown, Los Angeles

Ulundu vade (lentil fritters) at Punjab Indian Grocery in Alhambra (LA)

Thai Golden Desserts at Wat Thai Temple in North Hollywood, LA

Banana blossoms for sale in the San Gabriel Valley (LA)

Guatemalan Hilachas at Cafe Antigua Guatemala in Los Angeles

Fresh Korean ginseng (su sam) in Koreatown, Los Angeles

Korean fried chicken plate at Chicken Day in Koreatown, LA

Filipino Suka Pinakurat spiced vinegar in Los Angeles

Filipino longganisa, chicken pastel, pochero & pinakbet in Los Angeles

Armenian basturma (cured beef) at Garo’s Basturma in Pasadena (LA)

Filipino Halo Halo at Chow King in Eagle Rock, LA

Filipino BBQ skewers on the street in Los Angeles

Galangal for sale at LAX-C, a Thai market in Downtown LA

Fried Khinkali (Georgian Dumplings) in Glendale (LA)

Kalimantan chicken & mushroom noodles in Los Angeles

Pickled herring salad at Olson's Scandinavian Delicatessen in Los Angeles

Russian pan fried cheesecakes (syrniki) in Los Angeles

Fried Fish Tacos at Tacos Ensenada in Sierra Madre (LA)

Falafel Pita Plate Tel Aviv Grill in Tarzana (Los Angeles)

Cambodian Amok Trey & Ox Tail Soup in Long Beach (LA)

Taiwanese red bean cakes (hong dou bing) in the San Gabriel Valley (LA)

Vietnamese Bánh Mì Thịt Ba Chỉ (Pork Belly) at Bánh Mì Chè Cali in El Monte

Silom Thai Supermarket on Hollywood Blvd in Thai Town, LA

Shrimp Quesadilla with Queso Menonita & Fried Egg at Salazar in Frogtown, LA

Shredded Pork Arepa “Rumbera” at the Sus Arepas Food Truck in Los Angeles

Wontons in Red Chili Oil at Lao Tao Street Food in Chinatown LA

Santa Maria California-style BBQ Tri-Tip plate at Stoked inside Smorgasburg, LA

Rib Tips at Rodney_s Ribs truck on Lincoln Ave & Woodbury in Altadena

Pork Gyro with tomato, red onions, tzatziki & fries at Good Greek Grill in Los Feliz

Phnom Penh Noodles with Cha-Kwai at Little La Lune in Long Beach

Mount Taal Manok, crispy smoked chicken at The Park_s Finest BBQ in Echo Park

Mole Oaxaqueño Enmoladas at Rocio_s Kitchen in Bell Gardens

Lebanese Tawouk : Taouk Chicken plate at Fatima_s Halal Grill in Downey

Beef Brisket Taco at Trejo's Cantina in Pasadena

Korean Fried Chicken plate, corn salad, rice & slaw at 77 Kentucky in Koreatown

King Mandu (Dumplings) at Dumpling House (Cheonha Mandu), Koreatown

House-Made Filipino Longganisa (Sausage) Rice Bowl at RiceBar in Downtown Los Angeles

House Cheeseburger at Mary_s Market & Canyon Cafe in Sierra Madre

Hiroshima Okonomiyaki (savory pancake) at Chinchikurin on Sawtelle

Hainanese Chicken Rice (Singapore-Style) at Red Chicken in San Gabriel

Greek Lamb Chops at Papa Cristo_s in Los Angeles

Goan Pork Curry with Basmati Rice and House Indian Pickles at Badmaash in Los Angeles

Ganjang Saewoo (Soy Marinated Raw Shrimp) at DGM Kisasikdang in Koreatown

Fried Chicken, Slaw & Greens at Honeybird on Foothill in La Cañada Flintridge

Filipino BBQ Pork Skewers at Lutong Bahay in American Ranch & Seafood Market in Los Angeles

Dan Dan Noodles at Best Noodle House (Chongqing Xiao Mian) in Rosemead

Bango Indonesian Kecap Manis (sweet soy sauce) in Los Angeles

Cold Saimin (Hawaii-style Ramen) at Kau Kau Korner in Gardena

Classic Aussie Ground Beef Pie with Gravy at Aussie Pie Kitchen in Inglewood

Cajun Shrimp at the San Pedro Fish Market & Restaurant in San Pedro

Burrito de Birria de Res (Zacatecas-style) at Burritos La Palma in El Monte

Hungarian bacon (szalonna) at Otto's in Burbank (LA)

Tigeorges’ Chicken Haitian Cuisine in Los Angeles

Huarache at El Huarache Azteca in Highland Park (LA)

Sweet rose petal jam (gulkand) from Pakistan in Los Angeles

Strawberry Donuts at The Donut Man in Glendora (LA)

Fresh Thai Mangosteen at the 626 Night Market in Los Angeles

Doro wat at Fresh Ethiopian Restaurant in Inglewood (LA)

Howlin' Ray's Hot Chicken Truck in Los Angeles

Armenian kebabs at Hamlet's Kitchen in Glendale (LA)

Refugiados, Cuban guava & cream cheese pastries in Los Angeles

Elote, corn with butter, grated cheese, mayonnaise & chile powder in Los Angeles

Che dau van (Vietnamese dessert bean soup) in Little Saigon, Westminster CA

Carne asada burrito, salsas, coffee in Los Angeles

Canned Indian pickles (achar) in Artesia, Los Angeles

Barbacoa and cabeza tacos in East Lost Angeles

A plate of Korean sundae (blood sausage) in Koreatown, Los Angeles

Armenian lahmajune and beorek in Little Armenia, Los Angeles

Elite Dim Sum in Monterey Park, Los Angeles, California

Breakfast at Tokyo 7-7 Coffee Shop in Culver City, California

A bowl of the Kimchi Fried Rice at Baroo in Los Angeles

A vendor of Mexican ingredients in the Grand Central Market, Los Angeles.

Seafood City Filipino Supermarket in Eagle Rock, LA

Peruvian Saltado con Pollo in Hollywood, California

Banh Mi in San Gabriel, California

Corundas, triangle tamales wrapped in green corn leaves in Panorama City (LA)

Tagliatelle al Ragù Bolognese at Rossoblu in Downtown Los Angeles

Translucent Burmese rice pancakes (yay mont) in Los Angeles

Ethiopian Kitfo (spiced beef tartare) at Lalibela in Little Ethiopia, Los Angeles

Fan Tuan Taiwanese Purple Sticky Rice Roll in Los Angeles

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