A spice shop in the markets of Old Delhi, India

A rice vendor in Delhi, India

A kitchen shop in Old Delhi, India

A fresh juice stand in Delhi, India

A street vendor in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

A giant pomegranate (anar) in Udaipur, India

Lady Street Vendor Grills Corn in Mumbai, India

Khichdi in Ahmedabad Gujarat, India

Tandoori Chickens in Jaipur, India

A cooking class in Madhogarh, India

Vegetable Street Vendor in Delhi, India

Street Vendor Making Jalebi in Delhi, India

Paratha, samosas, Indian pickles and Kingfisher beer in Delhi, India

Two women and a baby in Madhogarh, India

The streets of the city of Panjim, Goa, India

The entrance to the Sahakari Spice Farm in Goa, India

Scooters parked near Karol Bagh in Delhi, India

Padmini taxis waiting on the streets of Mumbai (Bombay), India

Musicians sing and dance in Agra, India

Jama Masjid, Friday Mosque in Old Delhi, India

Chickens running free in Bijaipur, Rajasthan, India

Bundles of cloth stacked at Friday Mosque in Old Delhi, India

A woman in a red sari in a line of rickshaws in Delhi, India

A view of the village of Madhogarh, India

A view of the Taj Mahal near sunset in Agra, India

A view from the water of Udaipur, India

A smiling Sikh in Old Delhi, India

A man harvests betel nut in Goa, India

A goat resting on a porch in Bijaipur, Rajasthan, India

A cow with parked scooters in Jaipur, India

A colorful door in Bijaipur, Rajasthan, India

Gujarati chickpea flour cake & lentil fritters in Ahmedabad, India

Young nutmeg in Goa, India

Vegetables at the city market in Udaipur, India

A street vendor selling snacks in Old Delhi, India

A spice vendor in the markets of Old Delhi, India

{ PHOTOS FROM: 2006 }

Delhi – Rajasthan – Agra – Madhogarh – Jaipur – Bijaipur – Udaipur – Gujarat – Ahmedabad – Maharashtra – Mumbai / Bombay – Goa – Panjim