Fruits of Hawaii:

ImageLocal mangoes at the Kona Farmers’ Market in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii (2013)

When you think of crops that are grown in America, chances are you think of things like corn and soybeans, or maybe those famous Idaho potatoes. Even though places like California and Florida grow everything from grapes to figs to pomegranates, and citrus fruit far beyond oranges, for some reason these things are generally associated with other places. Chances are when you think of things like coffee, cacao, mangoes, jackfruit or lychees you think of places like Southeast Asia and South America. The thing is, all of those things are grown in the U.S., because all of those things are grown in Hawaii.

Not only do they grow coffee in Hawaii, it’s arguably some of the best coffee in the world. Go to the right farmers market or fruit stand and you can buy fresh lychees, longans and rambutans, soursop and sapote, even things like local jackfruit, salak (snake fruit), ripe cacao pods and dozens of other fruits you may have never even heard of. All grown right here in the USA and sold to the public just off the tree – no passport necessary. In the photo above are 3 kinds of mangoes for sale at the Kona Farmers’ Market, they had about 10 varieties here, which sounds like a-lot until you consider it’s only a fraction of the more than 50 types of mangoes grown in Hawaii.