Green New York in B&W:


The Union Square Green Market in winter, Manhattan, New York (2009)

I’ve been to New York a few times now, beginning somewhere around 2003. The first couple of times I was pretty much a typical tourist, checked out Chinatown and Little Italy – walked through Soho and the like. I didn’t really have the frame of mind back then to dig into the details, but these “overview” trips and the other traveling I’d done after them prepared me to go back in 2009. Most definitely, living in Los Angeles and hunting down places by car spread out over an area of thousands of square miles made once overwhelming places like Manhattan feel far more condensed and easier to navigate, the same is true of my old home of Chicago. One of the places I finally made it to in 2009 was the Union Square Green Market, it was December, just a few days before the New Year and extremely cold. I was surprised to find this farmers market was still operating. Not only was it open, but the variety of produce here in the dead of winter was pretty unbelievable – everything from leeks and celery root to apples, turnips, potatoes, carrots, onions and even several types of seasonal leafy greens. What I like most about the photo above is the contrast, these small temporary structures selling things like pasture raised heritage pork from Shushan, NY and items from biodynamic farms in Columbia County against the backdrop of structures of concrete, glass and steel. Like plants sprouting through cracks in the sidewalk.