Street Food in Mumbai:


Lady street vendor on an island in Mumbai, India (2006)

Street food is a way of life in India and Mumbai is no exception. There’s no shortage of restaurants in Mumbai but food still ruled the streets. From block to block you could get anything from fresh sugar cane juice to donut shaped vada fried on the spot to fresh young coconut. Street vendors also blanketed the coastal areas around places like Chowpatty Beach selling things like the fried potato sandwiches known as vada pav. Most of the street vendors were men, but the lady in the photo above was one of the exceptions. Mumbai has a number of islands off the coast and on the one I visited this lady street vendor had a stand setup selling grilled corn. The little cow in the background seems to be waiting for a chance to wander in and have a taste. I’m sure the vendor wouldn’t mind though, I’m told it’s considered good luck for a cow to visit your place. For this reason owners of shops often have food ready and waiting especially for them.