Early Indian Vegetables:

Vegetable Street Vendor Delhi

A mobile vegetable vendor with his cart in Delhi, India (2006)

When I visit a place I like to get up early, I like to get to markets while the vendors are still setting up, before any customers arrive. That way you never miss anything, everything is still arranged the way the vendor put it out and all the best quality items are still available, because no one has bought anything yet. I also find that in the early morning you run into things you simply might never see otherwise. This vegetable vendor in Delhi was pulling his cart, exploding with vegetables, down the street on his way to somewhere in an area known as Karol Bagh. I stopped him and he posed for this picture and then continued on his way. You probably recognize most of the vegetables on the cart, cabbage, turnips, a few kinds of eggplant and tomatoes along with Indian bitter melon and calabash (bottle gourd) among other things. India is a very colorful place and this street corner is no exception – a little statue of Ganesha watches over us.