Tandoor in Jaipur:

Tandoori Chickens Jaipur

Tandoori chickens hang from spikes at a restaurant in Jaipur, India (2006)

Before visiting India, I really thought when I got there I’d be eating mostly vegetarian. I thought that meat would be difficult to find or simply not served in most places… I couldn’t have been more wrong. While it wasn’t so common to see raw meat for sale anywhere, I did pass a few butcher shops that had various animal parts hanging from hooks for sale to the general public. More often than not though, animals used for meat were sold still alive only to be slaughtered when it was time for them to be eaten. Cooked meat on the other hand was a common sight, nearly every place I ate there were at least a few meat dishes on the menu – except in places like Ahmedabad where vegetarianism is more the rule. The photo above was taken in Jaipur, just walking down the street. This restaurant (like many others) had no front door – or even a front wall for that matter – it was just open to the street. It specialized in chicken cooked in a tandoor oven, you see the chickens on display hanging from ceiling spikes almost like roast ducks in the window of a Chinese BBQ joint. One of the men at the counter catches your attention by flipping bread around with long skewers – he’s pretty good at it.