Home Cooking in Japan:

Kiyoko Konishi cooking class

A home cooked Japanese dish taught in a cooking class by Kiyoko Konishi in Tokyo (2005)

Kiyoko Konishi is a female Japanese chef and author of a couple of books on Japanese home cooking published in the late nineties – by 2005 she had already been teaching classes out of her home kitchen for over two decades. The kitchen was uniquely setup with a small bar overlooking the counter into the kitchen so a handful of students could both watch her demonstrate and then repeat the steps themselves. After cooking you then sat in her living room on the floor at traditional low Japanese tables and ate what you had just cooked. The photo above doesn’t really look like a home cooked dish, but it most certainly was. Chicken breasts were pounded thin, lined with shiso leaves (紫蘇) and rolled into cylinders with ginger cut into thin strips stuffed inside. The rolls were then dipped in egg wash, coated with panko bread crumbs (パン粉) and deep-fried. After cooking the rolls were cut diagonally and arranged on beautiful plates. Believe it or not, this is how mine turned out, the tiny sansho leaf / kinome (木の芽) garnish I plucked from a little plant growing on the counter. The product of a great teacher and a-lot of beginner’s luck.