Golden Eye Snapper:

Fish for Sale at Tsukiji Market

Beautiful fish for sale at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo (2005)

The selection of fish at Tsukiji Fish Market simply has to be seen to be believed, I visited in 2005 and it took me years to identify most of the fish in my photos… even then I can’t say for sure that I’m 100% correct. The fish above with visible eyes are striped jack (shima aji / シマアジ) at the top, Pacific saury (sanma / サンマ) on the bottom left and kinmedai (golden eye snapper / キンメダイ) on the bottom right. I rarely use flash, but this photo is one of the few times it was either use it or lose the picture – it was just too dark to hold the camera still and I had no tripod. When I finally got a look at a larger version of the photo I noticed the eyes of the kinmedai fish were unusually light in the black areas, about 30% lighter than everything else. I “fixed” it thinking it was some version of “red-eye” from the flash,  but that was before I had any idea what the fish was. It turns out maybe the eyes were supposed to look that way after all, I’m still not certain if it was a trick of the light. In any case I saved over the original and only had one shot of the fish because back in 2005 memory cards were much more expensive and held relatively few pictures – you had to choose wisely .

A digital lesson for me.