A Barman in Paris:

A barman in Paris

A barman in Paris prepares coffee at a café in the Passage Verdeau (2004)

During my first trip to Paris in 2004, I was staying at a hotel in the 9th arrondissement in a district known as Opera and stumbled upon the Passage Verdeau, one of the many covered passages in Paris which are long shopping alleys hidden between buildings. I stopped at a little restaurant inside the passage called Le Bistrot for coffee, it was the very early morning and they had just opened. In this photo you see a classic French bar counter, on the bar is today’s newspaper, a cup of coffee, a tin of sugar cubes and a basket of fresh croissants – the barman is preparing coffee in the background filled with shelves of cups, teapots, drink glasses and bottles of liquor. Hanging above the bar is a small paper sign that says La Maison ne fait pas créditno tabssettle your bill in cash.